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Hugl Zweigelt Rosé

This exceptional Zweigelt rosé uses Austria’s most popular red grape varietal to create a beautiful weekend wine that fits into anyone’s budget.

Laundry day is Littlefoot’s favorite day of the week. All those warm clothes that need napping on and clean sheets to roll around in after they come out of the dryer? It’s a cat’s dream come true every Saturday. 

While she’s waiting on those warm sheets to be delivered, Littlefoot likes to sip on something light and easy to drink but has some spunk. That’s why her pick of the week is the Hugl Zweigelt Rosé. This wine is made from 100% Zweigelt grapes, Austria’s most popular red varietal born in the early 1920s. Zweigelt produces mature red wines with soft tannins and robust red fruit, making it perfect for rosé. 

HuglWimmer wines is the product of winemakers Sylvia Hugl-Wimmer and Martin Hugl, a husband and wife dream team who both grew up in winemaking families. Their goal is to make high quality wines that highlight the native grapes of Austria, such as Grüner and Zweigelt. Founded in 2006, his winery is particularly known for their intense white wines that use cold fermentation to preserve the aromatics of white wine grapes to create beautiful and unique vintages.

This rosé is aged exclusively in stainless steel tanks, giving it a crystal clear flavor free from any oak. Don’t let that dark color fool you! It gets that deep blush glow from extended contact with the Zweigelt grape skins, not from any extra sugar. Dry and medium-bodied with hearty cherry and strawberry notes, the Hugl Zweigelt is the perfect rosé for your friends and family who are proud members of the Red Wine Only Club™. It has all the bold richness that comes from soft red wines in a bright rosé defined by the originality that is characteristic of HuglWimmer wines.

You can buy this wine in Memphis at Joe’s Wines and Liquors for $12.99/bottle, which an absolute steal for a wine this wonderful.

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