Cocktail Recipes

Not Your Average Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonics are one of my go-to drinks for when I don’t want to think too much about what I’m about to enjoy. Bitter, sweet, and zesty, this combination of peppery gin and tonic water is definitely my year round favorite for when I want to just kick back and relax.

Anyone who drinks gin & tonics will tell you that not every G&T is created equally. For such a simple drink, you can find variables everywhere that make it less than stellar, like flat or warm tonic, bad gin, shriveled limes, or—most importantly—an off ratio of gin to tonic water. As much as I love a stiff drink, that isn’t the point of a gin and tonic, and I can’t think on much worse than a rocks glass filled with cheap gin with just splash of warm tonic water and an old lime on top.

The ratio for a great a gin and tonic is abut 3:1, tonic to gin. In this gin and tonic recipe, the gin is infused with lim to create a fresher citrus taste and is swizzled over crushed ice with the cold tonic water to make a truly memorable G&T.

1 1/2 oz lime peel infused gin

5 oz chilled tonic water

crushed ice

  1. Pour 5 oz of chilled tonic water into a Collins glass.
  2. Fill with crushed or cracked ice until nearly full.
  3. Pour gin on top of the crushed ice. Gently swizzle with a bar spoon to mix, further chilling the drink.
  4. Enjoy!

Lime Peel Infused Gin 

3 Limes, peeled

8 oz London Dry Gin

  1. Peel limes, careful to remove peel without including the bitter white pith, and collect all peels into a sealable container with gin. 
  2. Seal and store in a cool, dry place for 24-48 hours. 
  3. Strain out lime peel and discard.

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