Littlefoot's Wine Review

Altano Douro White 2017  

This beautiful, acidic white wine is perfect for any occasion with notes of lemon and tropical fruit.

As you can see, Littlefoot is enjoying vacation to the fullest with midday naps next to a great bottle of wine. Her under $20 pick this week is a bright, complex white from the Douro region of Portugal.

Altano is a winery located in Douro, Portugal and owned by the Symington wine-making family (famous for being the producers of Vintage Port produced under the labels: Graham’s, Dows, Warre’s and Quinta do Vesuvio). The family began developing table wine in 1999 and produce four labels for Altano table wine. This naturalmente white is their only white wine label, and its zesty character is reminiscent of tropical melons and ripe citrus fruit. 

The Altano White 2017 is a blend of four white grape varietals: Malvasia Bianca, Moscato Bianco, Rabigato, and Viosinho.

Malvasia Bianca is cultivated in regions around the world, the majority coming from Italy and Croatia. It is linked to the Muscat family and has pronounced pear notes and low-medium acidity.

Moscato Bianco is an ancient grape found primarily in Piedmont. It is said to have been cultivated by the ancient greeks and romans as a favorite sweet wine, although it is also thought that this grape came to Italy from the Middle East during the crusades. These grapes have an intently recognizable fragrance of wild flower and honey, and they tend to produce sweet, creamy wines.

Rabigato is native to the Douro region of Northern Portugal, grown almost exclusively in Alto-Douro and Douro-Superior. This grape matures early and is known for its clusters of small, yellow-green grapes.

Viosinho is a high-acid varietal from Northern Portugal that is characterized as a relatively low-yielding grape. It produced fuller-bodied wines and is often used as blending wine.

Sitting at 13.1% ABV, this white is pleasantly dry with notes of melon, apples, and lemon. It pairs well with seafood dishes such as mussels cooked in broth or grilled octopus tentacles with light sauce and herbs.

Littlefoot loves this wine because its unoaked body and rich acidity make it perfect for any white wine occasion: dinner outside on a balmy night, sharing with your favorite quarantine pod members, or drinking just before a midday nap.  

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