Littlefoot's Wine Review

Noah River Pinot Noir 2017

Annoyed that you’ve been drinking lackluster red wine lately? So is Littlefoot. (That face looks super judgmental, but really she’s just sad for you wine cabinet if you haven’t tried this pinot noir yet.)

Littlefoot’s wine pick of the week is the Noah 2017 River Pinot Noir from Napa, California. This delicate red wine is bursting with soft fruit like fig, dark cherry, and blackberry, yet remains firmly medium-bodied and rich. 

Noah River wines are the product of Jamey Whetstone, the winemaker responsible for opening Whetstone Wine Cellars in 2002. The Noah River Pinot Noir is made from grapes that hail almost exclusively from Arroyo Secco, California.

It is fermented in stainless steel before a small percentage is aged in French oak, giving this wine body without becoming heavy. A light plum color, the Noah River Pinot Noir appears at first glance to be much thinner than it tastes. At 13.5% this Pinot Noir is dry, yet its luxurious red fruit softens the palate enough to make this wine approachable for vinos lovers everywhere. This wine is a high-quality wine for every day and nearly every occasion, punching way over its price point in terms of taste, mouthfeel, and character.

ABV: 13.5%

Pairings: Seared Salmon, mushroom pasta, herb roasted potatoes, anchovy, rainbow trout with vegetables

Tasting Notes: Soft blackberry, black fig, dark cherry, vanilla, minerals and rock salt

This is the perfect red wine for nights when you want to open something easy, drinkable, and delicious. While Littlefoot is looking forward to enjoying a glass once she gets off the clock today, this is also an excellent choice to complement dinner on a weeknight, especially since it checks out under $15. 

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