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Holiday Private Parties

Not sure how to put together a virtual holiday event for your friends and family? Let Best Shot Co. help!

After this hell of a year, a holiday spent alone is probably the last thing any of us want. This holiday season is probably going to look different for you than usual—I know it definitely will for me and my family. Putting together a virtual holiday might sound intimidating, but the good news is that you don’t have to worry about doing it alone! Best Shot Co. is here to help make this holiday as stress-free and fun as possible so you can come together with loved ones to make new memories, not agonize over what you’re missing.

This holiday season, I’m offering pre-packaged private events at a discounted flat rate with nine different cocktail options to choose from. With early and late time slots, getting together with your friends is as easy as clicking a button no matter the time zone.

You deserve a break. Why not take one with your best friends, family, and a daiquiri? Look below for dates/time slots and pricing!

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