Littlefoot's Wine Review

I’m proud to announce that Littlefoot has officially been named the Boozehound Cocktail Series Employee of the Month for the month of August—that makes the fifth month in a row!

She’s all about ballin’ on a budget for her favorite libations. If you can relate, you’re in luck! Littlefoot will now be recommending her favorite wine under $20 every week, because good grape juice doesn’t have to break anyone’s budget. 

This week, she recommends the 2019 Encostas Do Lima Vinho Verde. Sitting at 11% ABV, this lower-proof spritzy rosé is perfect for sipping by the pool or alongside an antipasto plate. Made from a blend of 75% Souzao, 15% Borracal and 10% Espadeiro grapes, this Portuguese wine is incredibly light while bursting with plenty of acid and robust red fruit like strawberry and raspberry. 

Vinho Verde refers to a DOC region of Portugal, not a grape varietal! This style of wine is often characterized as young wine that has a hint of carbonation (Though it is a noticeable sparkle, it is not enough for the wine to be labeled a “sparkling wine”) While this originally came as a result of malolactic fermentation, many producers have become artificially adding fizz through a shot of carbonation. These wines are traditionally high in acid, low in alcohol content, and have bright notes of citrus and melon. While red Vinho Verdes are available, the region’s cool and rainy climate make it difficult for red varietals to mature, meaning that the vast majority of these wines will be based in white grapes.